Thanks to 28 Days Later, "A Small Group of People Attempt to Survive In A Post-Apocalyptic London" has stopped being a concept and has started being its own subgenre, right up there with "Alien Mothership Ominously Hovers Over The White House" and "No One In Authority Believes The Kid Until It's Too Late."

That said, there's something special about the vague, creepy and mysterious trailer for The Last Seven, the debut feature for a fellow named Imran Naqvi, whose previous work seems to solely involve his expertise on the operation of a steadicam.

The set-up seems simple enough: You've got the titular seven people alone in a dead metropolis. You've got creepy imagery, gray London skies, typical human in-fighting and what appears to be some grisly eye gouging. What more could you want from a movie, really?

In a refreshing change of pace, the trailer emphasizes a creepy tone rather than plot, leaving us to question what the hell is going on here. Zombies? Aliens? A scientific experiment? Is it all in their heads? How do they know they're the last seven? Who told them? Could an eighth person being hanging out around Toledo, thinking that he's the last man on Earth?

I kid. I kid because I love ambitious first-time directors deciding to go big or go home on a crazy genre project. Go get 'em, Imran.

Watch the trailer after the jump.

(via 24 Frames Per Second)
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