Synopsis: A two-fisted action show featuring Batman, not as a brooding vigilante, but as a full-blown superhero, teaming with a different DC Comics character every episode.

My Take: First of all, I love the look of this show. Secondly, I grew up with Batman the superhero -- not Batman the grim sourpuss as portrayed in the last couple of decades' worth of popular media. I should be more than ready for a show like Batman: The Brave and the Bold to knock me on my socks, right?

Interesting then that it took a few episodes for the show to slowly grow on me. It's unapologetically a kid's show, and after stronger, more adult fare like Justice League Unlimited, it took me stepping back and thinking about how I would've reacted to the show if I were 10 years old. I would've absolutely loved it. Acknowledging that, I was able to come around to the show's funky spirit.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold succeeds on its own terms. It's fun, action-packed, and chock full of little surprises for a long-time DC Comics fanboy like me.

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