In the Twilight world, most vamps seem to have some sort of special power. But we're not just talking super-speed or mind reading. In Stephenie Meyer's universe, your best and most developed talent or intuition as a human will become stronger as a sparkling vampire. It could be mundane as being really loving, or any range of cooler aspects. There are shields against special powers, mind readers, future-tellers, those that can make the brain think the body is in severe pain, and one whose skin has a special and handy electric current in times of need.

But there's another vamp who gets an extra-special, possibly one-of-a-kind talent. Vampire Benjamin can move the elements, creating fissures in the land, whipping up some mist, tossing a boulder here or there. As The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn nears production, they've chosen Rami Malek for the job.
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