- Apparently the new billboards for Sony Pictures' forthcoming comedy The Virginity Hit are causing a stir in towns across the country. I can't imagine why...

- It looks like Hayden Christensen will be sticking with the horror genre for a little bit longer (he'll soon be seen in Brad Anderson's Vanishing on 7th Street); he's now set to star in The Cold for director Daniel Calparsoso. He'll be playing one of seven men who find themselves isolated in the wilds of Idaho following a massive snow storm and "terrorized by an unseen beast."

- Ever wanted to know each and every gun used in The Terminator? The IMFDB has you covered.

- Even though there hasn't been too much visible movement on a film adaptation of hit video game BioShock since Juan Carlos Fresnadillo took over from Gore Verbinski, game designer Ken Levine insists that they are actively discussing and working on making the film finally happen. I hope it does someday, but until the stars align and it does end up happening, I'll just watch the trailer for BioShock Infinite for the 57th time:
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