The screenplay race is always the most fun to speculate upon. Mostly because it is the one category where one of your favorite films of the year has a real shot at getting its single nomination; a little toss off to the year's best comedy, indie or twisty genre entity. It is where Pixar has proven time and time again that animated screenplays can be well-thought out and respected rather than forming the trace of an idea through a bunch of poop culture jokes. (Yes, I meant to say "poop.")

Depending on what the Writer's Guild might disavow in their preemptive awards because the writer of one of the year's best doesn't pay membership dues, we see hope for films like Garden State, Mean Girls and both Judd Apatow's The 40 Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up. So which films have a shot of sneaking into the race this year? Will it be the standard respect for also being a Best Picture nominee or a little thanks-for-playing recognition while being passed over everywhere else?