A little over half a decade ago, a film critic coined the term "torture porn" to refer to a specific type of horror film that brought all the blood and guts to the forefront, often at the expense of story and character development. I'm looking at you, Captivity. Now, thanks to our friends across the pond, we apparently have a new sub-genre: hoodie horror.

According to Twitch, "hoodie horror" apparently revolves around teenagers wearing hoodies to disguise their faces. I can only think of one film off the top of my head that could be considered hoodie horror (I won't reveal the name, as it would actually be kind of a spoiler), but thanks to Twitch and Frightfest I now know of two.

Having received rave reviews at Frightfest this year, F follows a teacher who, following an attack by a student, has been left in a very emotionally fragile state. One day, after an argument with his daughter in detention, he finds himself trapped and the school under attack by a hooded assailant.

The trailer below is definitely sharp, though for some reason it lacks dialogue. Whether this is a choice by those who cut the trailer or simply a glitch is anyone's guess, it's definitely worth a look. Claimed by director Johannes Roberts to be a loose remake of Assault on Precinct 13, F stars David Schofield, Eliza Bennett, Ruth Gemmell, Juliet Aubrey and Emma Cleasby. Check it out courtesy of Twitch after the cut.
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