Jack Goes Boating
, Philip Seymour Hoffman's directorial debut, is set to open nationwide on September 23rd. In the interim, you can check out an exclusive clip for the film (which drew good reviews on the festival circuit earlier this year) after the jump.

Presented as something of a romantic dramedy, Jack Goes Boating finds Hoffman starring as the title character. He's a lonely limo driver who suffers paralyzing fear when around women, but that starts to change when his best friend's wife (Daphne Rubin-Vega) introduces him to one of her funeral home co-workers (Amy Ryan). Hoffman and Ryan's romance blossoms while Rubin-Vega and onscreen husband John Ortiz watch their own union begin to disintegrate. In the two parallel stories, audiences see both sides of how relationships can play out.

Hoffman, Rubin-Vega, and Ortiz all reprise their roles from the off-Broadway stage play written by Bob Glaudini. It looks to be a sweet and touching film filled with genuinely emotional moments and powered along by Hoffman's almost child-like (in a good way) performance.

Our exclusive clip shows Hoffman and John Ortiz sitting in a diner as Hoffman plans to cook dinner for his new lady friend. Only problem is, he doesn't know how to cook. Ortiz offers up the services of a noted pastry chef who could give Hoffman a recipe, but warns him to be open because it might be something like a casserole. It's definitely not the funniest clip from the movie, but you do get a sense of Hoffman's character and how he relates to the world around him.

Hit the jump to see the clip for yourself then chime in below with your thoughts. I'd go boating with Philip Seymour Hoffman anytime.