A few days ago, we shared a story about Gérard Depardieu calling Juliette Binoche "nothing" in an Austrian magazine article. It was a pretty out of the blue and uncalled for tirade -- and pretty personal to boot. In the interim, everyone's wondered what Binoche thought of his comments -- and Empire Online caught up with the actress and got her take on the whole debacle.

Anyone hoping Binoche would look into the camera and offer up a hearty "F you!" to Depardieu is bound to be disappointed. The actress takes the high road and comes across as quite lovely and even more sympathetic in her brief response. Ever the promoter, she manages to take the opportunity to tie things back to her new film, Certified Copy, while saying she's not sure what prompted the outburst in the first place.

The actress states that it's Depardieu's right not to like her and speculates that maybe something in her provocative new film offended his masculine sensibilities. She says she felt detached from the comments because even though she bore the brunt of his anger, it seems to have more to do with something going on inside of him. In fact, the only even remotely controversial comment she makes is wondering if it was jealousy on the actor's part that she's had too much success. But even that comes across innocently in light of what Depardieu said about her and in the fact that she doesn't point out she has an Oscar while he doesn't.

If Depardieu is smart this will be the last we hear of this story save for a piece on his subsequent apology -- but I can easily envision another scathing response from him far easier than I can him burying the hatchet. Think Depardieu will settle down now or will this inspire a new outburst? Hit the jump for Binoche's video response.