Madison Square Garden is my happy place. It's home to my beloved New York Rangers, it's where I've stood feet away from Radiohead several times, and it's where I proudly watched my sister graduate from law school with enough awards to guarantee that I'll be the biggest black sheep since Chris Farley. But only last night - when MSG was host to a Justin Bieber concert that was filmed for his upcoming 3D film - did it finally get a chance to shine and earn its moniker as "The World's Most Famous Arena." Eonline (no exclamation point?) reports that the Biebs rocked the Garden to its knees last night, recruiting several of his heroes to ensure that this particular show would be a worthy foundation of his cinematic legacy.

Before the show, Bieber coyly tweeted: "Its all really coming 2gether. Tonight I perform with my heroes! MSG its almost time!" He's such a tease! I was pretty excited because I thought that meant I'd finally get a chance to see the likes of Buzz Aldrin, Werner Herzog, and Temple Grandin get onstage and bust out the chorus of "Baby," but apparently Bieber and I have different heroes. Bieber's guests included Miley Cyrus (duh), Usher (still trying to re-live his She's All That glory days) and Boyz II Men (riding a career high after being covered several times at my bar mitzvah thirteen years ago). According to the eonline report and Isaac Asimov's third law of teen idols, "The crowd went beyond wild whenever Justin and Miley made any physical contact whatsoever, however innocent."
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