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After three seasons and countless geek friendly guest stars, I've finally made up my mind about NBC's Chuck. I love it! Shocker, I know! It's a light and funny spy romp with a likable cast, a sexy leading lady and, as I mentioned above, tons of geektastic guest stars that make my insides feel all good and caressed.

So far we've seen folks like Scott Bakula, super vegan Brandon Routh, and Chevy Chase show up to complicate Chuck's life. This season, we can look forward to seeing former James Bond Timothy Dalton and Olivia Munn on the show. And, of course, the mother of the future, Sarah Conner herself, Linda Hamilton will make an appearance as Chuck's mom in the season premiere.

That's one of the first pics from her guest stint up. Check out more photos of Miss Hamilton in action, and don't forget to catch Chuck when it premieres Sept. 20 on NBC.

[via: Spoiler TV]
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