M. Night Shyamalan has had a rough summer. His latest project, a big budget live-action adaptation of The Last Airbender was savaged by critics and public backlash against his work in general reached a fevered (and mean-spirited) pitch. Things have gotten so bad that the first horror film on his The Night Chronicles shingle is now simply known asDevil and doesn't mention the Sixth Sense filmmaker at all for fear that he's box office poison.

Through it all, it seems as though Shyamalan has kept a sense of humor -- not an easy thing to do when the world has turned you into a punchline. While some of his earlier reactions have merely provided ammo for his detractors, his decision to appear in a new viral video spoofing Devil may be the kind of thing necessary to win the public back over to his cause.

The clip, entitled Escalation, is up over at MTV. Shyamalan joins Josh Horowitz and Penthouse Pet Ryan Keeley in a reimagined version of the the Dowdle brothers' upcoming film. Instead of having a group of people trapped in an elevator with Satan himself, the new interpretation moves the action to an escalator. It's surprisingly funny.

Shyamalan, who generally comes across as a person who takes himself very seriously, shows a new side to his personality -- poking fun at himself and his reputation in the process. It's good to see that he's not letting the world get him down and maybe this new attitude will convince people that he's a down to earth guy and help him refocus on his career.

Or maybe none of that will happen. Either way, the clip is still worth checking out even if you're not a Shyamalan fan. Click here and have a peek at it for yourself.
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