This may come as a surprise to you, but money's tight. I know! Why hasn't anyone mentioned this before? I'm as shocked as you are.

Okay, knee-jerk sarcasm aside, the financial gurus at Kiplinger's have put together a little slide-show presentation on ways that you and I can save a few of our precious entertainment dollars. Some are old news -- like last-minute "rush" tickets for live theater -- but most are just common sense stuff that we all should keep in mind.

For instance: Go to the library. Yes, they have books, but they also have DVDs. I recently told my hairstylist this, and it was news to him. Seriously -- I thought everyone knew that the library (and the entire library system, if you live in an area that allows inter-branch borrowing and online requests) is a ridiculously good resource for movies. They're free, people. Check it out.

Other tips: Keep an eye on discount days at your local theater. And trade babysitting nights with other parents, so you can save that extra money when you go out to the cineplex. Go to matinees! And, if you're a student, don't be shy about using your student ID for marked-down tickets.

Kiplinger also jumps on the Redbox bandwagon and tells you to skip the video store for their $1-per-night kiosks. In many cases, like if you want to watch a popular recent release, that's a good idea. But personally, I can't give up my local video rental store entirely -- Redbox has its advantages, but foreign films, classics and obscure horror aren't well stocked. Besides, I know people who own video stores, and they need your money.

You can check out the whole list of suggestions here. What are some ways you've managed to save on entertainment recently? Got any tips - leave them in the comments section.