The SwitchEarlier this year, we had Jennifer Lopez in The Back-Up Plan meeting her dream man the day she was artificially inseminated. Coming up in excellent US indie flick, The Kids Are Alright, Annette Bening and Julianne Moore play lesbian mothers who bore children thanks to a donation, it's revealed, from Mark Ruffalo. There must be something in the air, as The Switch, originally titled The Baster, occupies similar terrain.

New Yorker Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) is platonic best friends with nerdy Wally (Jason Bateman). But when she decides on single motherhood, she looks to tall, handsome stranger Roland (Patrick Wilson) for some DNA. At a somewhat-implausible "insemination party", Wally drunkenly spills the sample, replaces it with his own, and wakes up recalling nothing. A new job sees Kassie move away, but when she returns to NYC seven years later with young Sebastian in tow, Wally begins to realise what occurred that fateful night.

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