Jerry O'Connell has a habit of portraying the most obnoxious characters the film industry has to offer. It's something I've grown quite numb to over the year's, but thanks to Piranha 3D that numbness has warn off and I'm aware more than ever of O'Connell's seemingly natural ability to bug the heck out of me.

For those of you who missed out on the boobs and blood fest, in Piranha, O'Connell plays Derrick, an over-the-top dirty film director with two things on his mind, himself and getting his shot. Okay, I can understand the necessity to include an excessive amount of nudity in order to draw in a crowd, but that in no way give writers Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg the right to include a character so damn annoying. Perhaps if O'Connell would have toned it down just a notch, Derrick could have been a little more than just a caricature and perhaps even the slightest bit likable. But no, we get a ranting and raving O'Connell making stinky faces and nearly causing those beautiful blues eye to pop right out of his head.

But as irritated as I am with his performance in Piranha, there's no denying that in his lengthy career, O'Connell has put on some very good shows; it's just too bad they're buried in outlandish garbage like Baby on Board, Obsessed, Kangaroo Jack, Tomcats and Joe's Apartment, just to name a few. In nearly all of those movies, he's really the same guy from Piranha, but with a different occupation and a non-fishy issue; he's loud and intolerable.
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