Kick AssCreator Mark Millar has been rumored to have said in a radio interview in the United Kingdom that Kick Ass will be getting a sequel. While I'm sure Mark Millar is thrilled about his creator-owned property getting another movie, I'm not so sure this is a good idea.

Granted, both the comic and the movie did set up for a sequel (they both had the same ending), but can anything really be said that hasn't been said before with this concept? Minor spoiler: both the comic and the movie did kill off the person played by the most expensive actor, so at least the cost of a sequel will go down slightly (or at least allow for a greater allocation for everyone else).

Money is the biggest motivating factor of sequels in Hollywood (and elsewhere) and the DVD sales of Kick Ass kicked enough ass to warrant another one. Let's hope it does justice to the original.
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