I love picking two titles and then using the words "and more" at the end of my headlines. It makes it seem as if maybe, just maybe, this week will reveal a slew of new horror releases. Instead, it's pretty much just those two and a few direct-to-video titles. Though I suppose we should count our horror blessings since sometimes it's a struggle just to find two new horror releases worth putting in the headline.

Up first is Anchor Bay's fantastic release of Sam Raimi's classic The Evil Dead on Blu-ray disc. Be sure to check out Brian's awesome in-depth review of the Blu-ray here. Needless to say, Anchor Bay did a great job in bringing an iconic horror film to high def. This was no small feat considering the age and low-budget origins of the film that launched the careers of both writer/director Sam Raimi as well as star Bruce Campbell.
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