The neo-giallo film Amer will be heading to American theaters in the fall, now that Olive Films has picked up US rights (I'm desperate to see it, since I missed the festival screenings ... ). The film just screened at London's Film4 FrightFest this past week (UK theaters will be getting it soon as well), and now directors Helene Cattet and Bruno Forzani announced that they will be forging ahead with another feature, which has a perfect giallo-esque title -- The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears.

Alan Jones (FrightFest director) revealed the news on his Twitter page:

"Just learned AMER to get a UK theatrical release after fabulous success at FrightFest." He continued: "Delighted, and can't wait for their next giallo...THE STRANGE COLOUR OF YOUR BODY'S TEARS. That's the title of Helene Cattet and Bruno Forzani's new movie and I cannot wait." [sic]

Judging from a recent interview on Fangoria with the directors, it sounds like Cattet and Forzani will be holding back slightly on the subgenre's themes of sexuality, and will be finding inspiration from gialli's hard-nosed detectives. "We are working at the moment on a giallo set in Brussels," Forzani told Fango. "We want to use the art nouveau style, so it would be a bit in a point of view reminiscent of Amer, but this time we'll try to explore the detective aspect of gialli." Yes please!

Since Amer's festival success, the directing team have had many offers coming their way, including an adaptation of Charles Burns' mutant tale, Black Hole (a must read!). I'd love to see them explore other avenues like this, but I'm really excited to hear that there are people who are passionate enough about the Italian subgenre to continue its tradition in a modern style. You'll definitely be hearing more about this one from me as we learn more info.

[via Fangoria]
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