'Get Him to the Greek' as 'Mannertrip'; 'Youth in Revolt' as 'Be Bad!'

International box office is obviously very important to films that are made in the U.S. Many times, domestic productions only become profitable after the world has had a chance to sample the goods. It makes sense that some movie titles will be changed in order to better communicate the movie's concept; especially with so many relying on English-language idioms and slang that doesn't translate well into other languages. Two films released today in France provide good examples.

Frederic Ambroisine, filmmaker and film critic, tweeted today that Get Him to the Greek has received a limited release in Paris, retitled as American Trip, while Youth in Revolt has been changed to Be Bad!. The former sounds vanilla, though the German version, pictured above, looks better; I prefer the Spanish title, Todo Sobre Mi Desmadre, which sounds positively decadent (All About My Total Chaos?). But I like the idea of Michael Cera trying to Be Bad! (love that added exclamation mark, and the phrase comes straight from the movie). In Mexico it's known as La chica de mis suenos (The Girl of My Dreams), which sounds pretty sappy.