Bob HoskinsWho do you want to be leading the charge when aliens attack Earth? If you answered Bob Hoskins, the distinguished actor and star of Super Mario Bros., then I've got good news for you! Hoskins is set to star in Transmission, according to Moviehole, and will definitely be joined by Jason Flemyng and Talulah Riley. More potential good news: Willem Dafoe is in talks for a role in the alien invasion picture.

Jokes about his portrayal of Mario Mario in the horrid video game adaptation aside (he wasn't a fan of it either), Hoskins brings a welcome measure of gravity to the project, which is reportedly about an attack by aliens during a solar eclipse. He's also had small roles in Terry Gilliam's brilliant Brazil and Neil Marshall's crazed Doomsday; I'm hoping he'll have a substantial role in Transmission, though it's likely that the younger Flemyng, who's made an impression in smaller parts, will actually be leading the charge into battle. Riley is the St. Trinian's girl, an appealing presence, but likely bound for eye candy in this movie. Dafoe, of course, would be a terrific addition to the cast.

Plans are for the British production to shoot in 3-D, and talks are also being held with Roger Christian, infamous for Battlefield: Earth, to direct. Surely Transmission will be better than that travesty? Let's keep a positive thought.
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