On Friday, Robert Rodriguez's 'Machete' hits theaters, which tell of the story of a man named Machete whose weapon of choice is, yep, machetes!

You know, we kind of like a guy who puts his own signature style on a weapon. Anyone can pick up a gun. Not everyone can go around killing people with machetes and live too long to tell about it.

So, in honor of 'Machete,' we put together a list of other on-screen weapons that involve a little more creativity than your average hand gun.
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Based on 43 critics

An assassin (Uma Thurman) seeks vengeance against her attackers (Lucy Liu, Vivica A. Fox). Read More

Based on 29 critics

A blade-wielding former Federale (Danny Trejo) seeks revenge against those who betrayed him. Read More

No Country for Old Men
Based on 37 critics

A hunter (Josh Brolin) becomes the hunted after taking money from the scene of a drug deal gone bad. Read More

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Based on 11 critics

Kirk (William Shatner), Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and crew battle an old foe (Ricardo Montalban). Read More

In Theaters on July 9th, 1982

A video-game designer (Jeff Bridges) becomes part of an evil superuser's software inside a computer. Read More

Based on 7 critics

Armed with proton packs, four paranormal investigators battle mischievous ghouls in New York. Read More

Based on 37 critics

Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) battles his archenemy, the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe). Read More

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