Watching the Emmys the other night, I saw George Clooney on the stage accepting his Bob Hope Humanitarian Award and then I saw Jon Hammin the audience (they cut to him as Clooney left the stage) and wondered if he's that next TV star to transition to being an A-list film actor. Will he be back in 15 years to similarly win a special honor? Is he even big into causes? In any event, he's about to hit the big screen in next week's The Town and later this month in Howl, and now he's also eying a more prominent role in the indie comedy Friends with Kids, according to Showbiz 411.

The film was written by Hamm's girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt(maybe you saw her with him at the Emmys), who previously scripted and starred in the indie hit Kissing Jessica Stein and the cute, little seen rom-com Ira & Abby. Hamm had minor roles in both prior to becoming famous as Don Draper. This time he'll star, and I wonder if we'll get to see the real-life couple playing an onscreen couple presumably dealing with the fact that all their friends have kids and they don't (and maybe, like Hamm and Westfeldt, aren't even married).
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