The SandmanNeil Gaiman's epic DC Comics series The Sandman could be getting the television treatment. Supernatural creator Erick Kripke is being tapped by Warner Brothers Television (who has purchased the rights to the property from sister company DC Entertainment) to run this new show. Comics uber-star Neil Gaiman has not been contacted as of yet to be involved with this project.

There have been a few attempts to move The Sandman to another medium, most notably a movie involving Roger Avary. Much like Watchmen, The Sandman would likely lose something in translation which would incur the wrath of the fans. Eric Kripke would likely be taking a huge weight on his shoulders trying to get the concept right should he accept this project.

Please have this show on one of the pay networks like HBO. Don't put it on the CW. If it was on the CW, Dream and Death would end up becoming human teenagers that try to fit into high school or something stupid like that. Keep to the source material. Thank you.
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