I know what you're thinking: how can I talk about the one and only Ghostbusters and not talk about that song. Well, today I thought I would honor all the unsung heroes of the soundtrack to one of the greatest comedies of all time by dedicating this Scenes (Songs) We Love to Alessi's Saving the Day in honor of all the other songs that never broke into the public consciousness quite like Ray Parker Jr.s musical question; Who You Gonna Call?

Alessi, or The Alessi Brothers, as they were sometimes known, were a twin singer-songwriting duo who were most famous for their contribution to Ivan Reitman's flick, although they had some success back in 1977 with the song Oh Lori. The brothers recorded five albums together, and worked with artists like Barry Gibb, Art Garfunkel, and for some reason, Debbie Gibson. After spending some time in the world of advertising, the duo reunited and are still touring to this day, but unfortunately relegated to the grand tradition of One Hit Wonders.

I may have loved the Ghostbusters theme song, but Saving the Day was the track I wore out on my soundtrack tape (although Magic was probably a close second) for a very specific reason: it was the moment that the good guys won. By the time Venkman an the gang were banged up in a holding cell and Walter Peck seemed to have won; our heroes managed to talk their way out of it. So when those opening bars to Alessi's track began, I was so emotionally invested in the triumph of my beloved Ghostbusters that this song was instantly burned into my brain -- what can I say? I was nine.

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