I've been a Stephen King fan since the days of my early childhood. If you loved horror and came of age in the late 1970s/early 1980s, then you were likely the same. It started before I could even read his books -- I have a mother who devoured each new King novel as soon as it hit the library and I was always fascinated by the lurid covers and titles.

By the time I was in sixth grade, I was reading King on my own -- and while I think a lot of his recent work pales in comparison to the early years (I think everything after It has been part of the downward slide -- there are some good books in there, but nothing quite like the classics), I still get excited for each new novel or collection the author releases.

I've read almost everything King's ever written (there are a few really rare odds and ends I've missed over the years), but The Crate was not one of them. This long lost King novella should be familiar to anyone who saw Creepshow because it was adapted for the film. However, outside of a 1979 appearance in the adult magazine Gallery and publication in the The Arbor House Treasury of the Supernatural, the original story is hard to come by.

That changes when Cemetery Dance's Shivers VI collection hits retailers sometime in the near future. The lastest installment in the popular anthology will come in a limited and lettered edition as well as a trade paperback version for the non-collector who simply enjoys a good spooky tale. Featuring tales by Brian Keene, Peter Straub, Brian Hodge and other horror luminaries, this would have been a good purchase. Getting a rarely seen King story makes it a must have.

Pre-order your copy at the Cemetery Dance site. They're going fast.
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