Remember when Nick Nolte stumbled all over Toronto wearing silk pajamas and an overcoat during the 2007 Toronto Film Festival? Recall how he almost got hit by a car while crossing the street on a red light? Don't you wish you could have caught a glimpse of his now-infamous erratic behavior? Well, with our star-spotting guide, your chances of catching sight of a celeb are slightly higher than going at it alone. While we obviously can't promise legendary sightings like Nolte teetering across Avenue Road, we can provide a reasonably well-researched guide that presents well-informed predictions.

Of course, everything will be different this year with the opening of the TIFF Bell Lightbox (a.k.a. TIFF Central) at King and Peter Streets downtown. That area just might give Yorkville (a.k.a. former ritzy TIFF Central) a run for its money when it comes to celebs on the prowl. The new Thompson Hotel at Wellington and Bathurst Streets, just a few blocks from the Lightbox, has been a celeb hotspot since it opened earlier this year, and its swanky rooftop pool/ lounge is sure to be a celeb magnet during TIFF -- it offers the best view of downtown Toronto... well, ever.

OK everyone. Break out your calendars, channel your inner stalkers and follow along with our chronological celeb-spotting guide. A big thanks to the folks at Skyy Vodka for sharing their cheat-sheet with us. As an aside, I saw Johnny Depp and Heath Ledger at a Skyy-sponsored party in 2005. So yeah, Skyy knows what it's talking about. Remember to retain your composure as much as possible. Pressing your baby up against Brangelina's limo isn't going to get you anywhere.