It's Labor Day weekend -- a time when we should all celebrate a few days off from our current jobs but also explore whatever it is our kids want to be when they grow up. As a tribute to the professions my kids, nieces, nephews, and young friends want to pursue, here's a list of special movies for the budding paleontologist, playwright or athlete in your family. Don't see a movie here for your children? Recommend more in the comments section. Happy long weekend, families!

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington1. For AspiringPoliticians: 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' (NR) - on DVD
Who's In It: James Stewart, Jean Smart, Claude Rains
What It's About: It's a miracle how well this movie holds up seven decades after its release. The titular Mr. Washington (Stewart), is a morally upstanding man who's appointed to replace a deceased Senator. When the politically naive Smith lands in Washington, he's labeled a country bumpkin, because he's completely incorruptible. Any kid interested in politics should take note of how Smith navigates the dirtier aspects of Washington and also witness the legendary "Smith filibuster," which is still referenced any time a bill is stalled to death.

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