If you've perused the Before Sunset tag here on Cinematical, you've noticed that I write a lot of posts on the sequel to Before Sunrise. Yes, it's partially fan fervor, but it's also something more. How can I not write about the film when discussing my favorite romantic scene, or the best sequels of the last decade? The Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke collaboration is one of the best examples of so many aspects of cinema. It reveals how a film series and characters should grow and mature for a sequel. It exemplifies the possibilities and reach when romance is done well. It shows the potential of real-time features.

But what it does better than anything else -- It lasts. There are many films out there that seem truly stunning at first glance, but after a second, third, or fourth visit, they lose that charm -- if they even lure you in for multiple visits at all. Before Sunset, which is nothing more than a pair reuniting after many years to catch up and talk about their romantic paths, offers many levels to parse and enjoy for years to come. I picked this for Movie Club because I know it well. But then I worried. Having written about many aspects before, was there anything new to say?

Yes. Even six years later, Before Sunset continues to be a cinematic treat.
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