It's a bridge week here at the ol' DVD announcement column. Those expecting word on Inception, Eclipse or even The A-Team will have to wait a little longer. Instead you get a chance to infuse your Netflix queues and Amazon shopping carts with some of the films from the festival circuit that opened quietly and at least one that hasn't even opened yet.

The choice of the week is, unquestionably, Kino's release of Ben Steinbauer's wonderful documentary Winnebago Manon November 2. Some of you may still have an old bootleg VHS of the Jack Rebney outtakes; the Winnebago salesman whose behind-the-scenes commercial flubs have become legendary. We're in the digital age now so you can revisit it all on YouTube, but Rebney was probably the first guy to deserve a "web redemption" on Tosh.O. Even better though, Steinbauer gave him one in feature film form. He tracked down Rebney, who alternately is very forthcoming and standoff-ish in coming clean about his celebrity status, resulting in a film very much like the terrific Best Worst Movie which gets under the curtain of infamy's fame and how it affects an unwitting subject. Unlike the next release on our list.

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