Carolina Apartments from 'Blue Velvet
Generally considered one of David Lynch's finest films, 'Blue Velvet' caused quite a sensation when it was released in 1986. The noir-ish mystery-thriller, with its surreal scenes of violence, sado-masochism and dark eroticism, was controversial with audiences though most critics embraced Lynch's unsettling exploration of the sinister underside of small-town America. In addition to garnering Lynch his second Oscar nomination for Best Director (after 'The Elephant Man'), the film helped rekindle the career of Dennis Hopper and introduced many movie-goers to both Isabella Rossellini, known then mainly for modeling, and Kyle MacLachlan, who'd previously starred in Lynch's ill-fated 'Dune.' Its soundtrack featured vintage pop -- including the titular song -- and an atmospheric orchestral score by Angelo Badalamenti, which added to the film's allure.
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