Rihanna on set of BattleshipShe rules the music charts but will Rihanna soon take control of our cinemas too? Hmmm, looks like we won't have long to wait on that as the first photos of the singer on the set of her debut movie, Battleship, have surfaced online.

The Barbadian songstress, donning a traditional U.S. Navy getup with gloves and work boots, was spotted in Hawaii on the set of the Peter Berg-directed science-fiction movie based on the classic board game. This adaptation, however, is the story of naval officers who use Earth's ships to fight against alien intruders.

Little is known as yet of what role Rihanna will play in the film - although on her outfit you can spot she's wearing a name tag with the name 'Raikes' - but the singer is clearly enjoying her first ever movie experience. According to one of her latest tweets, the singer is scheduled to continue work in Hawaii for two weeks.

'HAWAII...Hawaii...hawaii......who wouldn't want to work here for 2 weeks,' she tweeted, along with a photo of her posing on a balcony.

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