Hobo with a Shotgun
may not be a straight up horror flick -- it's way more grindhouse/exploitation, to be honest -- but it certainly packs enough gore into the feature format to make most horror fans giddy with anticipation. So, with that in mind, here's your first look at the teaser trailer for the upcoming film.

AICN scored the first clip and it looks like a riotous good time. Rutger Hauer plays the title character, a homeless dude who grabs a shotgun and goes vigilante when he decides he doesn't like the direction his city is heading in. Once that happens, heads explode, bodies are dismembered, and Hauer does what he does best: acts totally nutso and badass. I'll be honest, I'm excited to see this movie.

Like Machete, Jason Eisner's film began life as a faux trailer for Tarantino and Rodriguez's Grindhouse. It was a fan-made piece that won a contest and was included with some theatrical showings of the film, but not all of them -- which explains why you might not have seen it.
Actor David Brunt played the hobo in the original, but for the feature Hauer stepped into the part. Don't feel bad for Brunt, though -- he's got another role in the feature length version.

Hit the jump for a peek at the new clip.
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