Sick of vampires yet? Well, too bad, because this week's Horror Squad Movie Club pick is the 1991 DTV cult classic Subspecies. The film, concerning the villainous vampire Radu (Anders Hove) and his obsessive love with a college student named Michelle, went on to spawn three sequels and a spin-off, keeping vampires alive (or...uh...undead) through the 1990s.

Full Moon films can be hit or miss, but I do respect them for trying to provide imaginative horror films while the big studios weren't much interested in horror. I know Subspecies is one of their most popular series, and I'm interested in finding out what it is about Subspecies that caused it to grow such a cult following.

Here's some questions to think about while watching the film...

How does Radu stack up against other movie vampires like Dracula, Lestat, or even Edward Cullen?
Does the film's low budget hinder it in any significant, noticeable way?
Concerning the vampire trend, was Full Moon ahead of the curve or stuck in the past?

You can queue the film on Netflix Watch Instantly, and we'll be back next week to discuss the finer points of Subspecies.

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