Shooting on the fourth film in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, On Stranger Tides, is underway and photographers have been busy snapping photos of cast members on the set. So far, we've seen Johnny Depp in his Captain Jack Sparrow regalia and Penélope Cruz as Angelica -- and yesterday we got our first peek at Ian McShane as Blackbeard. This was the one I've been waiting for ...

The pic is a bit fuzzy and from a distance, but you get a real feel for how McShane will look in the costume -- and from this pic, it's pretty impressive. McShane looks like his namesake with his long dark beard and black clothing. He's not particularly huge, but he's still sure to strike fear into the hearts of many a scurvy sea-dog.

We don't know much about the plot of On Stranger Tides at this point -- aside from the fact that Sparrow and Blackbeard are teaming up to find the Fountain of Youth. Angelica, Blackbeard's daughter, isn't the biggest Sparrow fan around -- she's a handful and she's not falling for any of Depp's shenanigans apparently.

This fourth entry in the popular franchise marks something of a new direction for the series. Geoffrey Rush will return and he'll be joined by Stephen Graham, Sam Claflin, Greg Ellis and Gemma Ward. The film sails into theaters on May 20th of next year.

Does this Blackbeard look like a menace of the Seven Seas to you or would you expect to find him hanging out in the marina bar drinking fruity beverages with umbrellas in them? Share your thoughts below.

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