Few people were more excited than me when it was announced back in July that Guillermo Del Toro would finally be making his version of HP Lovecraft's creepy novella At the Mountains of Madness. The tale focuses on an Antarctic expedition that uncovers some truly chilling things lurking in a mountain range that dwarfs the Himalayas. Having read the novella several times, I can tell you that it should make for a really spooky movie -- something akin to John Carpenter's The Thing.

Del Toro's set to direct the project for Universal, with James Cameron producing. Now there's news of potential casting for the film -- and the first possible standoff between the filmmaker and the studio.

Universal has their sights set on James McAvoy to play the lead role, while Del Toro wants Tom Cruise. Speculation is that Del Toro wants Cruise because the two had talked about doing a reboot of Van Helsing and had a liking for each other. I'm okay with either actor taking on the part (Chris Pine was reportedly also in the mix, but his schedule is apparently too busy for another project), but all things being equal, I'd rather McAvoy get the role. Cruise is such a big name that no matter what he does in a film, he's always just Tom Cruise. I'd rather see someone with a more average Joe quality in the in the lead.

As Collider mentions, filming isn't set to start until May of next year, so neither actor may land the part. McAvoy's set to tackle the role of the young Professor X in X-Men: First Class while Cruise has Mission: Impossible 4 starting next month and the Les Grossman spinoff at some point after that.

Still, for the sake of discussion, who would you rather see in the role? Tell us below.