Chris Day, Jason Sudeikis, Justin Long and Drew Barrymore in 'Going the Distance' (Warner Bros.)

Long-distance romances suck. You can't be with the one you love; text messages and phone calls don't make up for the loss of physical intimacy, and thousands of miles and multiple time zones often doom the relationship to failure. It's a dilemma faced by millions of teenagers entering college, as well as mature adults who've opted to divide their family temporarily so one of the parents can emigrate and seek a better life in another country.

And it happens to movie stars and likable actors, too!

Drew Barrymore plays aspiring journalist Erin (read: struggling actress) and Justin Long portrays record company drone Garrett (read: employed but unhappy lower level movie star) in Nanette Burstein's Going the Distance, an intermittently funny romantic comedy that piles on obscenities and sexual innuendo in a desperate attempt to be hip and relevant.

It might have played much better if the action were set on a college campus or off-Broadway in Manhattan. It feels like a teen comedy that was re-written to fit the ages and interests of Barrymore and Long (though that wasn't the case). Thus we have the spectacle of Barrymore as a 32-year-old journalism student interning at a fictional New York newspaper for the summer, without any reasonable hint of why it's taken her so long to try and get her career started. Is she a slacker? A ne'er do well? The survivor of a disastrous marriage? Still recovering from a childhood encounter with an alien? We have no idea.