We have two trailers and the first clip from Buried, the Ryan-Reynolds-in-a-coffin suspense-thriller, Due Date, a comedic road movie starring A-lister Robert Downey, Jr. and the ubiquitous Zach Galifianakis, and the first clip from Let Me In, Matt Reeves' (Cloverfield) remake of the 2008 Swedish horror film with Chloe Moretz (Hugo Cabret, Kick-Ass, (500)Days of Summer) as a preteen who may not be what she appears to be.

1. Buried: A bidding war erupted this past January at the Sundance Film Festival for this suspense-thriller set entirely inside a coffin. Reynolds plays an American contractor in Iraq who, post-kidnapping by persons unknown, awakens in a coffin with only a cell phone, a lighter, and enough oxygen to last 90 minutes (conveniently the length of an average feature film). Reynolds received kudos at Sundance for his intense performance as the increasingly desperate contractor.

[After the break, the international trailer awaits.]