I've been following the production of Sion Sono's latest film, a serial killer thriller known as Cold Fish, since it was unveiled at AFM earlier this year. In the interim, we've read a plot synopsis and heard talk about a videogame, but now we finally get our first look at the film courtesy of a new trailer that turned up over at mega-site Twitch.

The plot is fairly complex and hard to explain in a mere synopsis. Basically, it involves an unhappy family man whose new wife and daughter don't get along. When the daughter is caught shoplifting, another man intervenes on her behalf. The two men become friends and the daughter moves in with the other family to ease tensions at home. The only problem is, this new guy is a cold-blooded killer. When the father figures this out, the two men become locked in obsessive battle of wills -- one that threatens to push a good man over the edge and change his life forever.

Sion Sono's an interesting filmmaker -- as anyone who's seen Suicide Circleand Love Exposure can attest. This new film sounds really intriguing -- familiar, yet dark and almost seedy.

The film's set to screen at both the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals -- and people who've been lucky enough to see Cold Fish are already proclaiming it his best work to date. See if you agree by checking out the new trailer (complete with English subtitles) after the jump.
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