Sure Zach Galifianakis is a big star now -- thanks to appearances in films like last year's The Hangover -- but it wasn't always A-list parties for the funny man from North Carolina. Before he hit the bigtime. Galifianakis was a struggling comic who hosted a really hilarious and short lived show on VH1 entitled Late World with Zach.

Late World opened up with Galifianakis performing a monologue that sometimes included musical numbers. From there, the show went on to feature skits and musical guests. It was funny, but unfortunately it never got the chance to really catch on with audiences. Next thing you know, Zach was doing episodes of Tru Calling ...

As proof of how funny the comedian could be, we found this old clip from Late World with Zach. In this one, Galifianakis performs his stand up monologue in front of a group of preschool children. He's a little less beardy, but the comedy stylings are still the same. He has a genuine rapport with the kids, who clearly don't understand half of what he's saying, but do crack up when he makes a joke about pooping on a kid's head. One of the funniest moments comes when he asks the pre-schoolers if they have any jokes for him. One kid comes up and simply says, "You're poop," to which Galifianakis responds with, "Guys, don't work blue on me -- let's work it clean, okay?"

Check out the full clip after the jump.