One of the best documentaries I've seen in the past few years (and I've seen a lot of them -- I like documentaries almost as much as horror films) is Justin Johnson, Aaron Marshall and Erik Mauck's Zombie Girl: The Movie. This fantastically entertaining tale follows first-time filmmaker Emily Hagins as she directs her first feature length film, a zombie movie entitled Pathogen. Big deal, you might be thinking. Turns out it is a pretty big deal when the director is 12 years old...

Zombie Girl follows Emily as she learns all about making a film firsthand. With her mother (who serves as her production assistant, driver, special FX tech, agent, and mom) at her side, Emily deals with the rigors of filmmaking, editing, budgets, interviews, and schoolwork. It's a cute coming of age story about how everyone should follow their dreams -- wherever those dreams might take them.

R2Films will be releasing the festival hit on DVD this November. Not only will you get the full 90 minute documentary about Emily's path from fledgling filmmaker to official director, you'll also get the finished film, Pathogen, the Q&A at the premiere of the film, interviews about Emily's second feature (the since completed The Retelling) and her third (which she's working on currently), plus trailers. It's a nice package for $19.99 -- and part of the proceeds from each disc sold will go toward financing Emily's newest project. You're not only getting a cool documentary, but you're helping a young filmmaker keep honing her craft. It's a win any way you slice it.

Hit the jump to check out the official trailer for Zombie Girl.
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