Indiewire's Anne Thompson has an early report from the Venice Film Festival on Sofia Coppola's new movie, Somewhere, and boy does it sound promising. Though Thompson's piece is mostly an account of Coppola's career to present, she is astute enough to provide us with a thematic link between Lost in Translation -- which, as Thompson champions, is probably Coppola's best -- Marie Antoinette -- a very satisfying little-big film if you can embrace its affect -- and Somewhere: they all star "wealthy, pampered and sequestered celebrity who is trapped and bored."

In Somewhere, Stephen Dorff plays Marco, an actor and truant father that's just getting used to his newfound life of decadence and boredom. If this were anyone other than Sofia Coppola, I'd say that that's automatically a boring subject but knowing that she can pull off stories about unhappy attractive, rich people, I'm actually pretty excited to see Thompson's clipped but strong praise for the film. In particular, there's one line in the review that stands out as its Thompson's most gushing line in the piece: "These are breakthrough roles for both Dorff and (Elle) Fanning."

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