Big news if you're a Neil Gaiman fan or even just someone that got into comics because of the man: Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision Blog reported on Wednesday that Warner Brothers has optioned Gaiman's Sandman comics for a tv series. The series is, at present, scheduled to be helmed by Supernatural creator Eric Kripke.

This is a story that's been a long time coming. Originally, Gaiman's seminal comic series was supposed to be turned into a movie in the mid-'90s. Warner Brothers had the rights and word was Killing Zoe director Roger Avary would direct with a script from Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, who later co-wrote Small Soldiers and the first and second Pirates of the Caribbean sequels. But the project never happened, partially because Gaiman thought the script he was handed, after numerous rewrites, was terrible. According to Wikipedia, the script was so bad, it was partially responsible for Gaiman's decision to give up writing stories about Morpheus, the titular King of Dreams, and the Endless, his immortal family.
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