One of the more fun (read: annoying) discussions I've had with colleagues and friends over the past few months is which film is better – A-Team or The Losers. Since they're basically the same movie, just with diametrically-opposed character development, storytelling, and general appeal, it's an understandable debate. But as a huge fan of Sylvain White (and pretty much everybody else in the movie), my vote always went for The Losers. Just a few weeks ago, White's comic book adaptation arrived on Blu-ray, and perhaps needless to say it was a priority purchase for yours truly, especially since it has surpassed the vast majority of its big-screen competition released in the last several weeks simply by being stylish, straightforwardly exciting and all-around fun.

Revisiting the film for a second time in high definition thanks to Warner Brothers' terrific new Blu-ray, I was immediately charmed by White's directorial flourishes, which manage to be emphatic without bludgeoning the viewer, and which highlight rather than overshadow the actual characters. And an early scene in the film gets my vote for one of the year's best as it simultaneously introduces the personalities of two characters, provides a pretty terrific action set piece, and proves to be an exhilarating exercise in style.