It's funny that the closest thing we've seen onscreen to Judge Dredd, the comic character, is RoboCop, and not the Judge Dredd film itself. Danny Cannon's 1995 adaptation tosses out most of the book's ultra-violent satire in exchange for 90's style one-liners and big-budget noise. Perhaps to distance the new Judge Dredd film from the Sylvester Stallone vehicle, the producers at IMGlobal are calling the upcoming 3-D film simply Dredd.

Olivia Thirlby is now part of the cast, which includes Karl Urban as the title character. Thirlby will be playing Dredd's psychic partner, rookie Judge Cassandra Anderson. The character, visually inspired by Deborah Harry, appears in her own long-running spin-off comic, Anderson: Psi Division.

I'd love to see a Judge Dredd film that captures some of the spirit of Paul Verhoeven's R-rated sci-fi/action flicks, but director Pete Travis hasn't done anything yet that makes him seem like the man for the job. Here's hoping.

(via TrekWeb)
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