M. Night Shyamalan's career has been on a bit of a downward spiral for the past few years (sorry M. Night fans), and this summer's The Last Airbender didn't really do anything to reverse the trend. That hasn't slowed the director down, though. He's hard at work shopping a script for a new film and he's working on his offshoot project, The Night Chronicles -- a series of horror films he's shepherding to the screen.

Before Shyamalan's career started to falter, he was viewed as one of the more promising filmmakers out there. The Sixth Sense was a huge hit, but his next project -- the dark superhero flick Unbreakable -- was arguably his best film. For years, fans have asked for a sequel and Shyamalan has hinted that he's working on one. And now it's coming to the big screen ... sort of.

Speaking with MTV's Josh Horowitz, Shyamalan revealed that his idea for Unbreakable 2 will now appear in an entirely different film -- the third feature in his Night Chronicles line. "I cannibalized the idea for the sequel to Unbreakable for one of the Night Chronicles. I fleshed it out more and more, and thought, 'This could be a standalone movie,'" he said. "I'll just say it: the third 'Night Chronicles' movie is what would have been the sequel [to Unbreakable]. So now I need to come up with a new idea."

The director admits that the Bruce Willis/Sam Jackson film is the one he gets asked about most often and that he loves it too: "Literally, that's the question I get asked the most anywhere around the world -- if I'm making the sequel to Unbreakable. I love that movie."

I love it too, Shyamalan. How about you guys? Any interest in a sequel or are you done with M. Night?