Men cause all the problems in this week's spate of DVD releases. In the comedy 'Killers,' starring Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher, Kutcher plays an ex-super secret agent who gets sucked back into the spy game, jeopardizing his wife (Heigl) and neighborhood. In the 'Saturday Night Live" movie spinoff 'MacGruber,' Will Forte plays an ex-soldier-of-fortune who rejoins the fray to track down an arch-enemy and a stolen nuclear warhead. And, Michael Douglas plays a 'Solitary Man' who literally screws over everyone in his life as his search for meaning always ends up in-between the sheets. There's also an overload of Blu-ray releases this week, including 'Tommy the Movie' and six fabulous science fiction films from Warner Home Video. Read on.
Solitary Man
Based on 31 critics

A disgraced car dealer accompanies his girlfriend's daughter on a trip to his alma mater. Read More

Based on 22 critics

A woman (Katherine Heigl) learns the hard way that her husband (Ashton Kutcher) is a hit man. Read More

Based on 24 critics

A clueless soldier-of-fortune (Will Forte) must retrieve a stolen nuke from his sworn enemy. Read More

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