"I want my two dollars!" If you know what that means, then you belong to the cult of 'Better Off Dead' -- a surreal 1985 comedy in which John Cusack starred as Lane Meyer, a suicidal teenager who tries to win his girlfriend back by skiing the dreaded K12 mountain. Written and directed by "Savage" Steve Holland, the film contains a mysterious French girl who may sway Lane's heart, a group of Howard Cosell–obsessed drag racers, a maniacal paperboy, and a dancing hamburger. Initially, a box-office disappointment, the film has grown in legend and is now a cult classic.

To celebrate the film's 25th anniversary, Moviefone spoke with Holland, as well as cast members Curtis Armstrong (who played Charles De Mar, Lane's oddball pal), Aaron Dozier (Roy Stalin, the smug nemesis), Diane Franklin (Monique, the lovely exchange student) and Amanda Wyss (Beth, the heartbreaking ex). They shared their memories about their time on the set, John Cusack's distaste for the movie, and the passionate fanbase that has made the movie more popular than ever.
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Better Off Dead
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Lane Meyer (John Cusack) is a teen with a peculiar family and a bizarre fixation with his girlfriend,... Read More