This is part two of our look back at 'Better Off Dead,' the 25-year-old cult comedy starring John Cusack. (Make sure to check out part one to find out how the movie came to be.) Here, we asked director "Savage" Steve Holland and the film's supporting cast about why the movie flopped at the box office and how it achieved cult status, as well as how it came to be that Cusack wants nothing to do with such a gem.

Aaron Dozier (Roy Stalin)
: I went to see it at a sneak preview in Westwood. It was a full house and it got so many big laughs. I remember how high I felt watching that movie, and how proud I was of it. I thought it was going to be a huge, huge hit -- and it wasn't a big hit. It didn't really catch on until 10 years later.

Diane Franklin (Monique): I thought it was going to be a hit, I thought it was really funny. I couldn't believe it wasn't. I just didn't get it. I thought, "Well, maybe these people don't get it."

Curtis Armstrong (Charles De Mar): This was a script that people were talking about because it was so different. There was a lot of anticipation that it was going to be very successful and critically it was not. It seemed to me that it disappeared rather quickly, at a time when you didn't have cable and video and DVD to support these things. It was really a death knell.
It was only when it started to show up on cable that it started to get a following. I'm glad that it's finally gotten an audience, but it took a long time.