As much as I know about movies, that's about the opposite of how much I know about wine. In fact, I'm probably less informed than the waiter in the restaurant scene from Going the Distance. I'd love to be a connoisseur, though, and I wonder if the key for someone like me to learn the ways of the grape are to do so through film. I don't mean like how I first heard of Pinot Noir thanks to Sideways or that a 95-cent Idaho bubbly is likely a bad choice via The Muppet Movie. Or how I've bought certain bottles just because they have a filmmaker's name on them (I had some sparkling Sofia Coppola this past weekend, in fact). I mean something more specific, like the list Focus Features had compiled for its own titles back in June as a promotion for The Kids Are All Right, or how our own Erik Davis found pairings on [yellow tail]'s new movie/wine-pairing site for recent blockbusters like The Expendables and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

For now the best I can do is pair a generic white wine with Finding Nemobecause I hear white goes with fish. And because red goes with meat, I think of it as something to go with a manly movie, particularly a boxing film like Raging Bull(for the steak scene, you know?). Or maybe white is lighter, so it goes with a lighter sort of movie, like a romantic comedy, while a deep red goes with a dark drama or thriller? Other than that, I have occasionally thought to drink an Argentine Malbec while watching Argentine films, just as I'd likely pair a French wine with a French film, etc. But it impresses me to no end that someone can come up with an exact brand and year to go with Ratatouille(the Pixar film, not the dish) let alone the documentary American Movie.
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