Long before online dating had become de rigueur in America, Nora Ephron boosted romantic morale nationwide with her 1993 film, 'Sleepless In Seattle.'Tom Hanks stars as Sam Baldwin, a widower whose young son, Jonah (Ross Malinger), calls a radio talk show to try to find a new woman for his dad, and convinces Sam to open up on air about how much he misses his late wife. Annie Reed (Meg Ryan), a reporter in Baltimore, hears the interview and is instantly smitten: On a whim after watching the 1957 love-fest 'An Affair to Remember,' she writes to Sam and suggests that, like Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr's classic characters, they meet atop the Empire State Building.

Amid Sam's sudden flood of letters from admirers and would-be wives, it's Annie's missive that catches Jonah's attention. Despite Sam's misgivings, Jonah is determined to unite them, and even sneaks off to New York to find Annie. Of course, the rendez-vous doesn't exactly go as planned -- the only person Jonah finds is a frazzled Sam, who chased after him -- but Jonah's lost backpack saves the day in a twist that allows our geographically challenged pair to finally meet, face to face.
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Sleepless in Seattle
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After the death of his wife, Sam Baldwin (Tom Hanks) moves to Seattle with his son, Jonah (Ross Mallinger).... Read More

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