The early 90s weren't exactly the golden years for horror movies. The popular slashers were fizzling out, and the studios didn't seem too interested in the horror audience. Full Moon filled a gap, delivering imaginative fare to the fans during the lull that lasted from end of the 80s until Scream in the late 90s.

That's not to say Full Moon always delivered quality films. Often limited by budget or the skill levels of the filmmakers involved, many of Full Moon's best efforts are sprinkled with a light layer of cinematic cheese. Faring better than most is Ted Nicolaou's Subspecies -- this week's pick for the Horror Squad Movie Club.

In Friday's post, I posed some basic questions about Subspecies (I'd never seen the film before this weekend), and although my synopsis was a little off (Radu loves the Bloodstone; he's not really concerned about Michelle at all), the questions are still worth exploring...
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